New Lab/Biotech Discount

Are you setting up a new lab - either research or biotech startup? Take advantage of our one-time 40% discount* to stock up on all of the high-quality reagents you'll need, including:

  • restriction enzymes
  • polymerases
  • ligases
  • DNA ladders
  • competent cells
  • dNTPs
  • products for your entire cloning workflow and much more

New England Biolabs offers this one-time 40% discount to Principal Investigators who are starting up a new laboratory. The New Lab Discount applies to nearly all products carrying the NEB® label (other discounts or special offers do not apply). The New Lab Discount is available in the US only for end-users, and only one offer is available per Principal Investigator. Contact your local distributor to see if similar offers are available in your country.

To be eligible for the discount, please complete the discount authorization form, then orders must be placed by phone, at 1-800-632-5227, faxed to 1-800-632-7440 or emailed to When faxing or emailing your order, it must be clearly marked either "New Lab Discount - Quote # (sales order number)" or "New Biotech Discount - Quote # (sales order number)", in order to receive the discount.

Get Started Setting Up Your Lab
  • All US orders over $350 enjoy free shipping. Combine your orders, or group with other labs' to meet the $350 free-shipping threshold.
  • Find out if your new institution has an NEBnow® Freezer Program. NEBnow® enables instant access to a wide range of reagents, with an attractive discount and no shipping charges.
  • Contact your local representative to discuss your ongoing reagent needs and the best way to help manage your funds.
Other Helpful Tools/Hints * No minimum purchase is required to be eligible for the new lab discount. Limit one offer per commercial organization. $5000 (at discounted prices) maximum order. No other discounts apply. Note that normal shipping charges apply. NEB shipping charges are subject to change. View the list of products that are not eligible.