Protein Tools

New England Biolabs offers an array of protein tools for all of your protein analysis needs.

Proteome Analysis

Trypsin-digested BSA MS Standard (CAM-modified) (NEB #P8108) is a complex mixture of peptides that can be used to calibrate mass spectrometers.


NEB offers several proteases for proteomics applications, including Trypsin (NEB #P8101), AspN (NEB #P8104), GluC (NEB #P8100), Furin (NEB #P8077), and Endoproteinase LysC (NEB #P8109).

Protein Labeling

New England Biolabs provides the SNAP-tag®, CLIP-tag™ and ACP/MCP-tag protein labeling systems that facilitate the attachment of virtually any molecule to a protein of interest, and can be used for studying the function and localization of proteins in living and fixed cells, as well as protein immobilization. 

Phage Display

The Ph.D.™ libraries from New England Biolabs have become the preeminent tools in this field, with hundreds of publications describing applications, including epitope mapping/vaccine development, mapping protein-protein contacts and identification of peptide mimics of non-peptide ligands. Bioactive peptides, which can be used as cell-targeting or gene delivery agents, have been identified either by panning against purified receptors or against intact cells or tissue samples, both in vitro and in vivo. NEB offers displayed peptide libraries of 7 (NEB #E8100) and 12 (NEB #E8110) residues, as well as a disulfide-constrained 7-residue library (NEB #E8120).  

Protein Kinases

The reversible addition of phosphate groups to proteins is important for the transmission of signals within eukaryotic cells and, as a result, protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation regulate many diverse cellular processes. As the number of known protein kinases has increased at an ever-accelerating pace, it has become more challenging to determine which protein kinases interact with which substrates in the cell. The determination of consensus phosphorylation site motifs by amino acid sequence alignment of known substrates has proven useful in this pursuit. These motifs can be helpful for predicting phosphorylation sites for specific protein kinases within a potential protein substrate. NEB offers a line of several protein kinases to aid in this research.

Protein Phosphatases

Protein phosphorylation plays a role in the regulation of the function and activity of protein factors and enzymes. Protein phosphorylation can be found on tyrosine, histidine, serine and threonine residues. Analysis of the presence of such phosphorylation, and its attendant effects, is often aided by removal of the protein phosphate groups by phosphatases. NEB offers several protein phosphatases that remove phosphate groups from different subsets of these residues.

Protein Standards

New England Biolabs offers a selection of highly pure protein standards. Sizes range from 10 to 250 kDa which is ideal for accurate molecular weight determination for a wide range of expressed proteins. We offer a blue prestained protein standard, as well as a colored prestained protein standard with multi-colored bands for easy identification. Standards are provided pre-mixed with loading buffer and reducing agent.