EnGen® Spy Cas9 Nickase
recombinant neb31 37 65 Heat

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of switching all reaction buffers to be BSA-free. Beginning April 2021, we will be gradually transitioning to buffers containing Recombinant Albumin (rAlbumin) for restriction enzymes and some DNA modifying enzymes. All information on the website has been updated to reflect this change. Find more details at www.neb.com/BSA-free.

  • Variant of Cas9 nuclease differing by a point mutation (D10A) in the RuvC nuclease domain
  • Capable of generating nicks, but not cleaving DNA
  • DNA double strand breaks can be generated, with reduced off-target cleavage, by targeting two sites with EnGen Cas9 Nickase in close proximity
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M0650S 1 µM 90 pmol $60.00
M0650T 20 µM 500 pmol $150.00
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