NudC Pyrophosphatase
cloned at NEB recombinant neb31 37 65 Heat

  • Decaps RNA that contains ADP-containing, non-canonical initiating nucleotides (including NAD+/NADH caps), resulting in ligatible monophosphate at the 5′ end.
  • Hydrolyzes NADH and NAD+ into AMP and reduced nicotinamide monophosphate nucleoside (NMNH), and AMP and nicotinamide monophosphate nucleoside (NMN+), respectively.
  • Hydrolyzes diphosphate dinucleotides and metabolic co-factors containing an ADP moiety such as AppA, FAD, Coenzyme A, etc.
  • Useful for NAD+ decapping or deNADding when NAD+ is the 5′ initiating nucleotide of RNA.
  • Useful for detection and identification of RNA containing non-canonical initiating nucleotides using ligation-based methods such as 5′ RACE and RNA-seq.

This is an Enzyme for Innovation (EFI). EFI is a project initiated by NEB to provide unique enzymes to the scientific community in the hopes of enabling the discovery of new and innovative applications. These enzymes have interesting properties and unique specificities.

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    NudC is a NUDIX pyrophosphatase that efficiently hydrolyzes NAD+- and NADH-capped RNA, generating a ligatible 5′ monophosphate on the RNA (NAD+ decapping or deNADding) (1). Deletion of the nudC gene has been shown to increase the fraction of NAD+-capped RNA in E. coli (2).

    NudC has also been shown to hydrolyze small molecules containing an ADP moiety such as NADH, NAD+, AppA, ADP-ribose, ADP-glucose and metabolic co-factors such as FAD, Coenzyme A and Acetyl CoA at varying efficiency (3 and unpublished results). With its activity on various dinucleotides and metabolic co-factors, NudC may potentially be used to identify RNA carrying non-canonical caps by pyrophosphorolysis of the cap and analysis of the product nucleotide, or identifying the resulting 5' monophosphate end of the RNA using 5 ligation-based methods such as RNA-seq or 5’ RACE (4).


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