FAQ: Does NudC (NEB #M0607) decap other cap structures?

NEB has found that NudC decaps model RNA containing a 5′ App- group (adenylated), G-capped mRNA with an adenosine as the initiating nucleotide at different efficiency relative to NAD+-capped RNA. It has been reported that that NudC hydrolyzes dinucleotides such as ADP-ribose, ADP-glucose and metabolic cofactors containing an ADP moiety, such as FAD (1) and Coenzyme A and acetyl Coenzyme A (unpublished results). Therefore, NudC can potentially decap RNA carrying a host of canonical and non-canonical initiating nucleotides not limited to NAD+/NADH.


1. Frick D.N. and Bessman M.J. (1995) J. Biol. Chem. 270,1529-1534.