Hemo KlenTaq®

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Eliminate DNA extraction and purification

  • Perform PCR directly from whole blood samples
  • Bypass costly DNA extraction and purification steps
  • Amplify from limited quantities of DNA

Ordering Information

  • 200 reactions
  • 1,000 reactions
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  • Product Information

    Hemo KlenTaq is a truncated version of Taq DNA Polymerase, lacking the first 280 amino acids (1). Hemo KlenTaq also contains mutations that make it resistant to inhibitors present in whole blood. It can amplify directly from whole blood from humans and mice. Hemo KlenTaq tolerates up to 20% whole blood in a 25 µl reaction (30% in 50 µl reaction).

    Amplification of human whole blood with Hemo KlenTaq. Percent blood present in sample and anticoagulant used are indicated in the legend. Ladder M is the 2-Log DNA Ladder (NEB #N3200).

    Product Source

    An E. coli strain that carries a mutant Taq DNA polymerase gene. The protein lacks the N-terminal 5´→ 3´ exonuclease domain and the gene has three internal point mutations.

    Reagents Supplied

    The following reagents are supplied with this product:

    Store at (°C) Concentration
    Hemo KlenTaq® Reaction Buffer Pack -20 5 X
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    Extraction-Free PCR,
    Specialty PCR,
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