NEBNext® Enzymatic 5hmC-seq Conversion Module

NEBNext® Enzymatic 5hmC-seq (E5hmC-seq™) is a new method for the specific detection of 5hmC at the single base level.

The enzymatic conversion workflow minimizes damage to DNA and allows discrimination of 5hmC from both cytosine and 5mC

For E5hmC-seq in Illumina® sequencing workflows, we recommend use of the NEBNext Enzymatic 5hmC-seq Kit (NEB #E3350) instead of this module. The kit includes the E5hmC-seq Adaptor, as well as the high-efficiency NEBNext Ultra™ II library prep reagents, and these components are not included in the Conversion Module.

  • High-sensitivity specific detection of 5hmC
  • 0.1 – 200 ng input range
  • High efficiency conversion
  • Minimal DNA damage
  • E5hmC-seq kit including library prep reagents also available (NEB #E3350)

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E3365S Not Applicable 24 reactions $119.00
E3365L Not Applicable 96 reactions $451.00
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