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Authenticase is a mix of structure-specific nucleases that targets mismatch and indel regions (1-10 bp) on double-stranded DNA. It can be used as an error-correction reagent in oligo-based PCR gene assembly. It can also replace T7 Endonuclease I for genome editing efficiency assessment.

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NEBNext Ultrashear™ FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit

The NEBNext Ultrashear™ FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit incorporates enzymatic fragmentation of FFPE DNA using NEBNext UltraShear, a new enzyme mix optimized for use with FFPE DNA that increases library yields and quality, while improving scalability and ease of use. The kit also repairs damage to DNA caused by the FFPE process.

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NEBNext UltraExpress RNA Library Prep Kit
NEBNext UltraExpress™ RNA Library Prep Kit

The NEBNext UltraExpress™ RNA Library Prep Kit has a 3-hour library prep protocol & creates high-quality directional RNA libraries in a single day when paired with poly(A) mRNA enrichment or rRNA depletion kits. The kit features a single protocol, master mixed reagents, reduced incubation times, & fewer cleanup steps, reducing the total time and consumables used.

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Feature Article

Read about how NEB scientists use Golden Gate Assembly, data-optimized assembly design (DAD) and online tools to design one-pot assemblies of medium to high complexity genomes.

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NEB scientists have shown that RNase I has Ca2+-dependent double-stranded-RNase activity, and DNA:RNA hybridase activity.

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App Note

Learn about our one-day in vitro workflow of Golden Gate Assembly, RCA, and cell-free protein expression for high-throughput screening, generating custom protein variants.

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New Publication

An in-vitro strategy developed by NEB scientists expands cytosine deaminase applications and uncovers novel deaminases. They introduce a non-destructive 5-methylcytosine sequencing method (SEM-seq) utilizing a newly identified DNA deaminase.

Web Tool

The latest version of NEBaseChanger® is available to help design site-directed mutagenesis primers. Compatible with ambiguous bases, substitute based on amino acid position, batch upload for multiple primer sets and add mutations to primer tails.

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New Publication

Our latest issue of NEB Expressions covers lyophilized assays for regulated markets, our new phi29-XT RCA Kit, web tool updates, and solutions for automating DNA assembly, sequencing, mutagenesis, cell-free protein expression and more!

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