NEBNext® Ultra™ II DNA PCR-free Library Prep Kit for Illumina®

Don’t be biased! The NEBNext Ultra II DNA PCR-free Library Prep Kit for Illumina offers an amplification-free workflow for DNA-seq based on the streamlined and reliable Ultra II workflow. Starting with as little as 250 ng of DNA, get the high-quality, high-yield libraries that you need without PCR bias.

  • Save time with an optimized PCR-free workflow, reduced hands-on time and automation compatibility
  • Generate high quality libraries without an amplification step using inputs from 250 ng to 1,000 ng
  • Benefit from improved library uniformity
  • Use with the NEBNext Multiplex Oligos for Illumina (Unique Dual Index UMI Adaptors DNA Set 1) or other Illumina-compatible index adaptors with a 3’ single T overhang

Also available with SPRIselect beads.

Note: If your input DNA is not sheared, we recommend the NEBNext Ultra II FS DNA PCR-free Library Prep Kit for Illumina, which fragments, end repairs, and dA-tails DNA, all in a single tube with no cleanups or transfers

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E7410S Not Applicable 24 reactions $577.00
E7410L Not Applicable 96 reactions $2,196.00
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