FAQ: Can I use this NEBNext kit with adaptors and primers from other vendors than NEB?

Yes, it should be possible to use adaptors and primers from vendors other than NEB with this NEBNext kit. The adaptor must be a T overhang adaptor and the final library yield may be slightly lower than when using the NEBNext adaptors for Illumina®.

Instructions for use with non-NEBNext, full length barcoded adaptors and P5 and P7 universal PCR primers can be found in the manuals for the NEBNext indexed/ UMI adaptor manuals. These manuals can be found at neb.com/E7416 (RNA) or neb.com/E7395 (DNA). Choose the kit manual for the NEBNext kit you will be using. The manuals are written specifically for the NEBNext indexed/ UMI adaptors, the same protocol should work with other adaptors of similar design. We recommend performing a proof of principle experiment with the desired library prep kit and desired indexed adaptors and using expendable samples for optimization of experimental conditions.