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RNase 4 vials
RNase 4

RNase 4 is a single-stranded RNA endonuclease that cleaves RNA at uridine-purine sequences. It offers targeted cleavage and tolerates various uridine modifications. Compared to other RNases, it produces more heterogenous 3' end oligonucleotides.

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T4010 box
Monarch® Mag Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

This kit enables reliable, high-throughput viral nucleic acid purification using a magnetic bead-based protocol. It has been tested for saliva and respiratory swab sample types and is compatible with wastewater samples after enrichment steps (not supplied).

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NEBNext UltraExpress RNA Library Prep Kit
NEBNext UltraExpress™ RNA Library Prep Kit

The NEBNext UltraExpress™ RNA Library Prep Kit has a 3-hour library prep protocol & creates high-quality directional RNA libraries in a single day when paired with poly(A) mRNA enrichment or rRNA depletion kits. The kit features a single protocol, master mixed reagents, reduced incubation times, & fewer cleanup steps.

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Feature Article

Read about how NEB scientists use Golden Gate Assembly, data-optimized assembly design (DAD) and online tools to design one-pot assemblies of medium to high complexity genomes.

NEBaseChanger video
Featured Video

The NEBaseChanger® Primer Design Tool Tutorial video will explain how to design primers for site-directed and multi-site mutagenesis using NEBaseChanger. This tool is ideal for NEB Q5® and NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly applications.

DNA Shuffling App Note
Application Note

Learn about an accessible method for shuffling DNA using NEBridge® Golden Gate Assembly to recombine proteins and find new properties.

Application Note

Read about how NEB scientists extract and detect viral nucleic acids from milk and subsequently amplify them using RT-qPCR or RT-LAMP.

Web Tool

The latest version of NEBaseChanger® is available to help design site-directed mutagenesis primers. Compatible with ambiguous bases, substitute based on amino acid position, batch upload for multiple primer sets and add mutations to primer tails.

Expressions 2024 Issue 1
New Publication

In this issue, learn more about NEB’s history and how we are celebrating our 50th anniversary with customers. Learn more about our NEBNext UltraExpress™ library prep kits, Monarch® nucleic acid purification kits, and how we support therapeutic and diagnostic innovation.

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