NEBExpress® Cell-free E. coli Protein Synthesis System

The NEBExpress® Cell-free E. coli Protein Synthesis System is an extract-based transcription/translation system derived from E. coli cells that have been engineered for high in vitro synthesis performance. It is designed to synthesize proteins ranging in size from 17-230 kDa in just 2-4 hours under the control of T7 RNA Polymerase.

  • Synthesize high yields of protein (typically 0.5 mg/ml)
  • Protein can be synthesized and visualized in approximately 2 - 4 hours
  • Synthesize various target proteins ranging from 17 to 230 kDa
  • Templates can be plasmid DNA, linear DNA or mRNA
  • Minimal protease activity ensures stability of desired target protein
  • RNase contamination can be inhibited by the supplied RNase inhibitor, eliminating clean-up steps
  • Protein can be isolated with affinity purification or subject to direct functional analysis
  • Reactions can be directly loaded onto an SDS-PAGE gel without the need for acetone or TCA precipitation
  • Flexible reaction conditions achieve maximum yield; protein synthesis can be sustained for 10 hours at 37°C or up to 24 hours at lower temperatures
  • Reactions can be miniaturized or scaled up
  • Compatible with the PURExpress Disulfide Bond Enhancer (NEB #E6820) and NEBExpress GamS Nuclease Inhibitor (NEB #P0774)

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Protein Expression Using the NEBExpress Cell-free E. coli Protein Synthesis System
50 µL reactions containing 250 ng template DNA were incubated at 37°C for 3 hours. 2 µL of each reaction were analyzed by SDS-PAGE using a 10–20% Tris-glycine gel. The red dot indicates the protein of interest. M = Unstained Protein Standard, Broad range (NEB #P7717), “Neg” = negative control, no DNA. 
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