PURExpress® vs. NEBExpress® Application Chart

PURExpress® In Vitro Protein Synthesis Kit (NEB #E6800) and NEBExpress® Cell-free E. coli Protein Synthesis System (NEB #E5360) are complimentary products that can be used for many of the same applications. However, certain applications may favor one system over the other depending on experimental strategy

  PURExpress In Vitro Protein Synthesis Kit
(NEB #E6800)
NEBExpress Cell-free
E. coli Protein Synthesis System
(NEB #E5360)
Protein Synthesis and Characterization
Toxic proteins
Protease sensitive proteins
Membrane proteins
Antibodies and fragments
Protein-Protein, Protein-DNA, Protein-RNA interactions & arrays
Direct enzymatic functional assays
Co-expression of multiple target proteins
Protein Engineering
Directed protein evolution including ribosome and mRNA display
High-throughput screening
Functional Genomics or Proteomics Arrays
Protein Labeling and Tagging
Fluorescent labeling of proteins
His-tagged proteins
Small affinity tags (i.e., FLAG, strep, StrepII, myc, HA)
Translation and Ribosome Studies
Translational machinery studies
Chaperone and protein folding studies
Synthetic Biology
Metabolic engineering prototyping
Gene circuit studies
Non-natural amino acid incorporation
Diagnostics Antimicrobial studies or drug screening




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