NEB is a proud sponsor of high school BioBuilder teams. This year, we will donate reagents to support teams and have created this page to help you conveniently locate request forms, information on NEB products and helpful technical resources (including tips, troubleshooting guides and educational videos).

About the BioBuilderClub:
At BioBuilder, synthetic biology challenges are presented in an accessible way, giving everyone a chance to experience authentic and meaningful scientific problem solving. The BioBuilderClub supports small teams of high school students and teachers who want to use out-of-classroom time to design, build and/or test synthetic living systems. With online and in person group meetings, the BioBuilderClub brings together a community of teachers, students and STEM professionals, and welcomes all participants, regardless of their access to molecular biology laboratory facilities. Team projects can focus on grand challenges for society (sustainable fuel, clean water, public health) or local issues (stinkbug infestations, smelly feet or "ready-light" birthday candles). BioBuilder is delighted to partner with NEB as we bring the fun of learning by doing to US high school biodesign teams. To learn more about BioBuilderClub, click here to download a brochure. If you have any questions, please contact

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