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Protein expression can be a very complex, multi-factorial process. Each protein requires a specific intracellular environment to correctly achieve its secondary and tertiary structures. Proteins may also require post-translational modifications or insertion into a cellular membrane for proper function. Other proteins, once expressed, may be toxic to the host. Thus, no single solution exists for the successful production of all recombinant proteins, and a broad range of expression tools is needed to ensure the successful expression of your target protein.

NEB’s portfolio of protein expression products includes a wide variety of tools, included our new NEBExpress® portfolio, and is supported by access to scientists with over 40 years of experience in developing and using recombinant protein technologies in E. coli. We use these solutions in our own research and manufacturing processes, and know that quality and performance are critical – all of our products are stringently tested so that you can be sure they will work optimally for your solution, just as we rely on them to work in ours. Protein Expression at NEB

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