Bacterial E. coli Protein Expression

NEB offers two bacterial protein expression systems in E.coli; the NEBExpress® MBP Fusion and Purification System (NEB #E8201) and the IMPACT System (NEB #E6901). Both systems can generate and purify high yields of recombinant proteins.

The NEBExpress® MBP Fusion and Purification System (NEB #E8201) takes advantage of the strong Ptac promoter and the translation initiation signals of maltose binding protein (MBP) to enhance solubility and expression levels of a desired protein in E. coli. The resulting product is an MBP fusion protein, which is then purified by affinity chromatography.

The IMPACT System (NEB #E6901) allows fusion of a tag consisting of an intein and a chitin binding domain (CBD) to either the C-terminus (pTXB1) or the N-terminus (pTYB21) of a target protein. In the presence of thiols, such as DTT, the intein undergoes specific self-cleavage, which releases the target protein from the chitin-bound intein tag resulting in purification of the target protein in a single chromatographic step with no need for proteases.

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