Thermolabile Exonuclease I
recombinant neb31 37 80 Heat

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  • DNA specific exonuclease
  • Catalyzes the removal of nucleotides from linear single-stranded DNA in the 3' to 5' direction
  • Unlike Exonuclease I (NEB #M0293), Thermolabile Exonuclease I can be heat inactivated at 80°C in 1 minute 

Thermolabile Exonuclease I is ideal for:

  • Removal of single-stranded primers in PCR reactions prior to DNA sequencing or SNP analysis
  • Removal of single-stranded primers for nested PCR reactions
  • Removal of linear single-stranded DNA, leaving behind double-stranded DNA in the sample

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M0568S 20,000 units/ml 3,000 units $77.00
M0568L 20,000 units/ml 15,000 units $312.00
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