T4 RNA Ligase 2, truncated

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T4 RNA Ligase 2, truncated specifically ligates the pre-adenylated 5´ end of DNA or RNA to the 3´ end of RNA.

  • Requires 5' pre-adenylated RNA or DNA for ligation
  • Tested for the absence of endonucleases, exonucleases, RNases and phosphatases
  • Supplied with 10X Reaction Buffer
  • Not sure which ligase to choose? Refer to our DNA and RNA Ligase Properties Chart.

Ordering Information

  • 200,000 units/ml
    2,000 units
  • 200,000 units/ml
    10,000 units
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  • Product Information
    T4 RNA Ligase 2, truncated (T4 Rnl2 truncated) specifically ligates the pre-adenylated 5´ end of DNA or RNA to the 3´ end of RNA. The enzyme does not require ATP for ligation but does need the pre-adenylated substrate. T4 Rnl2 truncated is expressed from a plasmid in E. coli which encodes the first 249 amino acids of the full length T4 RNA Ligase 2. Unlike the full length ligase, T4 Rnl2 truncated is unable to adenylate the 5´ end of the substrate, and as a result it cannot ligate the phosphorylated 5´ end of RNA or DNA to the 3´ end of RNA (1-3). This enzyme, also known as Rnl2 (1-249) has been used for optimized linker ligation for the cloning of microRNAs. This enzyme reduces background ligation because it can only use adenylated primers (4-5).

    Product Source

    An E. coli strain that carries the cloned truncated T4 RNA Ligase 2 gene.

    Reagents Supplied

    The following reagents are supplied with this product:

    Store at (°C) Concentration
    T4 RNA Ligase Reaction Buffer  -20 10 X
    PEG 8000 -20 50 %
    Product Categories:
    RNA Ligases Products
    RNA Modification
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