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Ph.D.™-7 Phage Display Peptide Library Kit

The Ph.D.™-7 Phage Display Peptide Library Kit contains a tube of the Ph.D.-7 Phage Library, protein reagents for a control reaction and sequencing primer stocks. The Ph.D.-7 library is a combinatorial library of random heptapeptides fused to a minor coat protein (pIII) of M13 phage. The displayed peptide is expressed at the N-terminus of pIII. The library consists of approximately 109 electroporated (i.e., unique) sequences.

  • Ready to use complex phage library
  • Applications and methodologies are numerous and supported by over 20 years of literature citations
  • Does not require helper phage for amplification
  • Inherent link between phenotype and genotype allows screening of billions of clones in a single microtiter well or Eppendorf tube
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