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    Amylose Resin High Flow is a cross-linked affinity matrix used for the isolation of proteins fused to maltose-binding protein (MBP). This rigid matrix can be used in automated chromatography systems.

    DNASU is a central repository for plasmid clones and collections that may also be helpful.

    Properties and Usage

    Storage Temperature


    Storage Conditions

    20% Ethanol

    Binding Capacity

    7 mg MBP5* -paramyosin δSal fusion protein / ml amylose high fluoresin.

    Can be Regenerated


    Quality Control

    Quality Assurance Statement

    • Crude extract from E. coli containing a plasmid that expresses a MBP2* -paramyosinDSal fusion protein is passed over a 1 ml column at 4°C. The column is then washed with 10 column volumes of column buffer. The protein is eluted with column buffer plus 10 mM maltose. Electrophoresis on a 4-20% SDS-PAGE gel results in a single band.


    1. Store at 4°C. After use, resin should be stored in column buffer plus 0.02% sodium azide or 20% ethanol.
    2. Amylose Resin column should be washed with 5 volumes of column buffer before each use. 
      For optimum performance, load crude extract at < 60 cm/hour.
    3. When regenerating the column at 4°C, please note that 0.1% SDS can precipitate at that temperature. It is therefore recommended that the SDS solution be stored at room temperature until needed. The resin may be generated up to five times. 
    4. For a complete affinity purification protocol, download the pMAL Protein Fusion and Purification System technical bulletin (NEB #E8200) from www.neb.com.
    5. Regeneration: The packed resin may be regenerated by the following wash sequence: Water 3 - column volumes, 0.1% SDS - 3 column volumes, Water - 1 column volume, Column Buffer - 5 column volumes.

    Supporting Documents

    Material Safety Datasheets

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