NEBNext Direct® Cancer HotSpot Panel

This product was discontinued on 12/31/20. In case there is need for additional supply beyond this date, please contact

  • Catalog # E7000 was discontinued on December 31, 2020

The NEBNext Direct® Cancer HotSpot Panel employs a unique hybridization-based enrichment workflow that hybridizes baits directly to genomic DNA, without the need for upfront library preparation.

  • Generate a higher percentage of your sequencing reads aligning to your targets
  • Eliminate the need to over-sequence, reducing cost per sample
  • Obtain uniform sequencing of all targets, regardless of GC content
  • Save time with a 1-day workflow that combines enrichment with library preparation
  • Generate high quality libraries with limited input amounts and degraded DNA samples, including FFPE and ctDNA
  • Distinguish molecular duplicates, reducing false positive variants and improving sensitivity

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