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  • Taq PCR Kit


    The Taq PCR Kit contains a sufficient supply of recombinant, highly purified Taq DNA Polymerase, PCR-qualified buffer solutions, deoxynucleotides and a broad-range, pre-mixed, ready-to-load DNA marker to perform 200 PCR reactions.


    Robust and reliable reactions
    Tolerates a wide range of templates
    Incorporates dUTP, dITP and fluorescently-labeled nucleotides
    Exceptional value in terms of cost per unit

    Kit Components

    The following reagents are supplied with this product:

    Store at (°C)Concentration
    Deoxynucleotide (dNTP) Solution Mix-2010 mM
    Quick-Load® 2-Log DNA Ladder(0.1-10.0 kb)4100 μg/ml
    Standard Taq Reaction Buffer Pack-2010X
    Standard Taq (Mg-free) Reaction Buffer Pack-2010X
    Taq DNA Polymerase with Standard Taq Buffer-205,000 units/ml
    Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) Solution-2025 mM

    Properties and Usage

    Storage Temperature



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    1. Protocol for a Routine Taq PCR
    2. Taq DNA Polymerase Guidelines for PCR Optimization


    The Product Manual includes details for how to use the product, as well as details of its formulation and quality controls. The following file naming structure is used to name these document files: manual[Catalog Number].

    Selection Charts

    Usage Guidelines & Tips

    Troubleshooting Guides

    Interactive Tools

    Quality Control

    Quality Control Assays

    The following Quality Control Tests are performed on each new lot and meet the specifications designated for the product. Individual lot data can be found on the Product Summary Sheet/Datacard or Manual which can be found in the Supporting Documents section of this page. Further information regarding NEB product quality can be found here.
    • Endonuclease Activity (Nicking):
      The product is tested in a reaction containing a supercoiled DNA substrate. After incubation for 4 hours the percent converted to the nicked form is determined by agarose gel electrophoresis.
    • PCR Amplification (Hot Start, Human Genomic DNA):
      The polymerase is tested in a hot start polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using Human genomic DNA as the control template and specific primers, resulting in an increase in yield of the expected product and a decrease in non-specific genomic bands when compared to a non-hot start control reaction.
    • Single Stranded DNase Activity (FAM Labeled Oligo):
      The product is tested in a reaction containing a fluorescent internal labeled single stranded oligonucleotide. The percent degradation is determined by capillary electrophoresis.

    Safety Data Sheet

    The following is a list of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that apply to this product to help you use it safely.