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    An affinity matrix for the small-scale isolation of target proteins fused to a chitin binding domain (CBD) (1). Chitin beads have been prepared having a magnetite core. This permits the magnetic isolation of CBD-fusion proteins from cell culture supernatants; after which, the matrix can be regenerated without loss of binding capacity. Immobilized fusion proteins can be used in subsequent experiments to capture target proteins from crude cell lysates that interact with the immobilized fusion protein.

    Properties and Usage

    Storage Temperature


    Storage Conditions

    20% Ethanol in water

    Binding Capacity

    2 mg chitin binding domain protein / ml bed volume released

    Can be Regenerated



    1. Do not freeze
    2. Efficiency of elution can be checked by eluting any protein that remains bound to the chitin magnetic beads with 50 µl of SDS-PAGE gel loading buffer and running 15 µl on a denaturing protein gel.


    1. Chong, S., Mersha, F. B., Comb, D. G., Scott, M. E., Landry, D., Vence, L. M., Perler, F. B., Benner, J., Kucera, R. B., Hirvonen, C. A., Pelletier, J. J., Paulus, H. and Xu, M.-Q. (1997). Single-column purification of free recombinant proteins using a self-cleavable affinity tag derived from a protein-splicing element.. Gene. 192, 277-281.

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    1. Isolation of CBD-fusion protein using Chitin Magnetic Beads