Protein G Magnetic Beads

Protein G Magnetic Beads are an affinity matrix for the small-scale isolation and purification of immunoglobulins. Specifically, the beads consist of a truncated form of recombinant Protein G that is covalently coupled to a nonporous superparamagnetic particle.

  • Exhibits high affinity for subclasses of IgG from many species including human, rabbit, mouse, rat and sheep
  • Can be used for immunoprecipitations with mouse monoclonal antibodies
  • The protein is coupled through a linkage that is stable and leak resistant over a wide pH range. This permits the immunomagnetic purification of IgGs from ascites, serum or cell culture supernatants
  • The matrix can be regenerated without loss of binding capacity
  • Can be used to immunoprecipitate target proteins from crude cell lysates using a selected primary antibody. In addition, specific antibodies can be chemically cross-linked to the Protein G coated surface to create a reusable immunoprecipitation bead, thereby avoiding the co-elution of antibody with the target antigen
  • Binding capacity: 1 ml of Protein G Magnetic Beads binds >280 µg of Human IgG
  • Quick, small-scale purification of many subclasses of IgGs affords higher throughput and efficiency
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