NEBNext UltraExpress™ FS DNA Library Prep Kit

The NEBNext UltraExpress™ FS DNA Library Prep Kit is the latest generation of NEBNext DNA library prep, with a fast, streamlined workflow, including enzymatic fragmentation, end prep, and dA-tailing with a single enzyme mix. In under 2 hours, the protocol enables the creation of high yield, high quality libraries, from a broad input amount range, while generating less plastic waste. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, the kit features a single protocol for all input amounts, making NEBNext UltraExpress FS DNA Library Prep well suited for all throughputs.

  • Fast workflow (< 2 hours), including FS "Fragmentation System" enzymatic fragmentation 
  • Fewer steps, requiring only a single reaction tube
  • Fewer clean-up steps required
  • High-quality libraries from a wide input range (10 - 200 ng intact DNA) 
  • Single protocol for all input amounts
  • Automation friendly
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E3340S Not Applicable 24 reactions $595.00
E3340L Not Applicable 96 reactions $2,269.00
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