NEBNext Direct® Custom Ready Panels

  • Catalog # E6631 was discontinued on December 21, 2021

Flexible Precision.

Employing the unique NEBNext Direct hybridization-based enrichment method, NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels allow rapid customization of targeted gene panels for Illumina® sequencing. Select from a list of human genes where baits have been carefully designed and optimized to provide complete coverage of the full coding (exon) regions. High quality panels can be designed by you and rapidly delivered, from any combination of genes. NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels provide the content you want with the performance you need.

  • Choose from a single gene to hundreds of genes. View Ordering Guide.  
  • Experience unmatched specificity and coverage uniformity
  • Eliminate synthesis and optimization steps, for a faster turnaround
  • Improve sensitivity with our Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI)
  • Generate results in one day with our automation-friendly workflow
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