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  • 5 mM
    0.5 μmol
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    3´-Biotin-GTP can be used with the Vaccinia Capping System (NEB #M2080),to cap 5´ ends of tri- or di- phosphorylated RNA (1). This enables capture of the RNA 5´ ends using streptavidin.


    Supplied in: Ultrapure water as a Triethylammonium salt at pH 7.0
    Molecular Formula: C31H50N11O19P3S
    Molecular Weight: 1005.78 g/mol
    Extinction Coefficient: λ260 = ~11,700 Lmol-1 cm-1
    Product Categories:
    Nucleotide Solution Products,
    RNA Synthesis Products
    RNA Modification,
    In vitro Synthesis (IVT)
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