Exonuclease T

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  • Specific for single-stranded DNA or RNA
  • Generation of blunt ends from RNA or DNA with a 3' extension
  • Isolated from a recombinant source

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  • 5,000 units/ml
    250 units
  • 5,000 units/ml
    1,250 units
  • Product Information
    Exonuclease T (Exo T), also known as RNase T, is a single-stranded RNA (1,2) or DNA (3,4) specific nuclease that requires a free 3´ terminus and removes nucleotides in the 3´→ 5´ direction. Exonuclease T can be used to generate blunt ends from RNA (5) or DNA molecules that have 3´ extensions (2).

    Product Source

    Exonuclease T is overexpressed and purified as a C-terminal fusion to maltose-binding protein (MBP). MBP is removed from Exonuclease T by Factor Xa cleavage and Exonuclease T is then purified away from Factor Xa and MBP. Exonuclease T cleaved from MBP has an additional amino acid on the N-terminus and a Phe instead of a Met (i.e., Glu-Phe-Exo T instead of Met-Exo T).

    Reagents Supplied

    The following reagents are supplied with this product:

    Store at (°C) Concentration
    NEBuffer™ 4 -20 10 X
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    RNases Products,
    Nuclease Products
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