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NEB offers additional products for DNA manipulation and cloning.

β-Agarase I (NEB #M0392) digests agarose, releasing trapped DNA and producing carbohydrate molecules which can no longer gel. β-Agarase I can be used to purify both large (> 50 kb) and small (< 50 kb) fragments of DNA from gels. The remaining carbohydrate molecules and β-Agarase I will not, in general, interfere with subsequent DNA manipulations such as restriction endonuclease digestion, ligation, and transformation.

M13KO7 (NEB #N0315) is an M13 derivative that carries the mutation Met40Ile in gII, with the origin of replication from P15A and the kanamycin resistance gene from Tn903 both inserted within the M13 origin of replication. M13KO7 is able to replicate in the absence of phagemid DNA. In the presence of a phagemid bearing a wild-type M13 or f1 origin, single-stranded phagemid is packaged preferentially and secreted into the culture medium. This allows easy production of single-stranded phagemid DNA for mutagenesis or sequencing.

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