Employing the unique NEBNext Direct® hybridization-based enrichment method, NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels allow customization of targeted gene panels for Illumina® sequencing. Select from a list of genes for which baits have been carefully designed and optimized to give complete coverage of the full coding regions. High quality panels can be designed by you and rapidly delivered, from any combination of genes. NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels provide the content you want with the performance you need.

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    Challenges and Opportunities for Next Generation Sequencing Target Enrichment

    Target enrichment offers several advantages over more comprehensive genomic profiling for a variety of scientific and applications. During this webinar, we explore the advantages and limitations of target enrichment, and discuss how NEBNext Direct®, a novel solution for selective enrichment of genomic targets, addresses these challenges.

  2. NEBNext Direct Workflow

    NEBNext Direct® Workflow

    View our tutorial for help visualizing NEBNext Direct’s unique and enabling workflow.

  3. NEB TV

    NEB TV Ep. 11 – Target Enrichment for NGS

    Precision medicine requires precision enrichment. Learn more about target enrichment and its role in clinical applications.

  4. NEBNext Direct Target Enrichment

    NEBNext Direct® Target Enrichment

    Learn about the innovative NEBNext Direct technology for target enrichment for next generation sequencing.

NEBNext Direct Workflow



NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels demonstrate optimum performance across a wide range of panel sizes


Key target enrichment metrics demonstrate consistent performance across a range of panel sizes. 100 ng of DNA was tested against panels of 1, 10, 25, 50 and 100 genes, and sequenced using Illumina paired-end 150 bp sequencing. Larger panels included all genes present in smaller panels.

NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels demonstrate retention of target behavior across panel sizes.


IGV image of coverage profile for 4 BRAF exons included in panels of 1, 10, 25, 50 and 100 genes, demonstrate consistent target behavior with the addition of gene targets. 100 ng of DNA was used as input for NEBNext enrichment using the 5 panels, including the BRAF gene. Libraries were sequenced on an Illumina 2 x 150 basepair sequencing.

NEBNext Direct Nicking Enzyme produces consistent fragmentation across DNA input quantities.


10 ng, 100 ng, and 1 µg of Control DNA was used as input for fragmentation using the NEBNext Direct Nicking Enzyme. Representative electropherograms show fragment sizes compatible with NEBNext Direct enrichment across DNA input amounts.

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  • Choose from a single gene to hundreds of genes

  • Experience unmatched specificity and coverage uniformity

  • Eliminate synthesis and optimization steps for faster turnaround

  • Improve sensitivity with our Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI)

  • Generate results in one day with our automation-friendly workflow  

NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels have allowed my research to focus on the specific genes we need to explore. In addition to the convenience of easily selecting genes for focused panels, NEBNext Direct enrichment has provided the necessary reliability and depth of coverage to enable robust somatic variant calling."

– Guang Peng, M.D., PhD,
   MD Anderson Cancer    Center

What People are Saying

NEBNext Direct enrichment technology is by far the fastest and most automation friendly protocol available today. I can have samples on the sequencer in 6 hours starting from genomic DNA. The technology produces very high on target percentages (>90%) for even very small panels, and in combination with molecular barcoding produces low duplication rates. From an optimization perspective, NEBNext Direct enrichment allows me to assign individual captured fragments to a probe unambiguously, thus giving the opportunity for optimizing the coverage distribution of any target.

– Eric C. Olivares,

NEB was fantastic while developing our panel or updating an existing one. The protocol is simple and fast and the results have been superb.

– Luca Magnani, Ph.D
   CRUK Fellow
   Department of Surgery and    Cancer
   Imperial Centre for    Translational and    Experimental Medicine

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