NEBNext Direct® offers a novel approach to NGS Target Enrichment. Using a unique, capture-based protocol, NEBNext Direct offers a range of solutions for highly specific, efficient targeting of genomic loci of interest. Optimized, 1-day protocols allow for rapid profiling of targeted regions for a variety of applications, including germline and somatic variant calling for translational research and genotyping of genomic markers for applications in agricultural biology and sample identification.

Choose from our predefined content panels, including the NEBNext Direct Cancer HotSpot Panel and NEBNext Direct BRCA1/ BRCA2 Panel, or define your own targeted sequencing panel by selecting only the genes you want from our expansive list of genes using NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels. For genotyping applications, the NEBNext Genotyping Solution enables pre-capture pooling of up to 96 samples for cost-effective and scalable genotyping of up to 5,000 genomic markers.

  1. Fully-Automated-Targeted-SNP-Genotyping-for-Plant-and-Animal-Applications

    Fully Automated Targeted SNP Genotyping for Plant and Animal Applications

    This webinar from NEB®, EMBL and Beckman Coulter® Life Sciences discusses the development and verification of the automated NEBNext Direct® Genotyping Solution on the Beckman Coulter i7 workstation to achieve highly-multiplexed sample processing and meet the growing demands of plant and animal genotyping applications.

  2. NEBNext_Direct_Webinar_282x210

    Challenges and Opportunities for Next Generation Sequencing Target Enrichment

    In this webinar, we explore the advantages and limitations of target enrichment, and discuss how NEBNext Direct®, a novel solution for selective enrichment of genomic targets, addresses these challenges. 

  3. NEBNext Direct Workflow

    NEBNext Direct® Workflow

    View our tutorial for help visualizing NEBNext Direct’s unique and enabling workflow.

  4. NEB TV

    NEB TV Ep. 11 – Target Enrichment for NGS

    Precision medicine requires precision enrichment. Learn more about target enrichment and its role in clinical applications.

  5. NEBNext Direct Target Enrichment

    NEBNext Direct® Target Enrichment

    Learn about the innovative NEBNext Direct technology for target enrichment for next generation sequencing.

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