NEB has been developing innovative enzymes used in molecular biology methods for almost 50 years. To meet the performance demands of today’s diagnostic assays, developers rely on accessing the most innovative and specialized enzyme formulations available. Glycerol-free and lyo-compatible enzyme formulations meet the quality and performance demands needed for today. Glycerol-free and lyo-compatible formulations provide diagnostic assay developers with the option to lyophilize for ambient shipment and storage, are automation friendly, and have improved fluid dynamics for incorporation in microfluidic devices.

Through our OEM & Customized Solutions Team, NEB is able to provide a number of PCR and isothermal enzymes as glycerol-free or lyo-compatible formulations. These products can be filled to meet your concentration, volume and format needs. Contact the OEM & Customized Solutions Team to learn more.

Glycerol-free Products for Diagnostic Assays

Glycerol-free Products*

Concentrations Available**

WarmStart® RTx Reverse Transcriptase (Glycerol-free)

75,000 U/mL

Bst 2.0 WarmStart® DNA Polymerase (Glycerol-free)

120,000 U/mL

Bst 2.0 DNA Polymerase (Glycerol-free)

120,000 U/mL

Bst 3.0 DNA Polymerase (Glycerol-free)

120,000 U/mL

Bst DNA Polymerase, Large Fragment (Glycerol-free)

120,000 U/mL

Bst DNA Polymerase, Full Length Glycerol-free)

50,000 U/mL

Q5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (Glycerol-free)

2,000 U/mL and 100,000 U/mL

Q5® Hot Start High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (Glycerol-free)

2,000 U/mL and 80,000 U/mL

Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase (Glycerol-free)

5,000 U/mL

Taq DNA Polymerase (Glycerol-free)

5,000 U/mL

Hemo KlenTaq® (Glycerol-free)

150,000 U/mL

Aap Cas12b (Glycerol-free)

1.7 mg/mL

Nt.BstNBI (Glycerol-free)

160,000 U/mL

*If you require other enzymes in a glycerol-free format, please reach out to our Customized Solutions team to explore feasiblity.
**Alternate concentrations may be available upon request

Contact the OEM & Customized Solutions Team to learn more.


Lyo-compatible Mixes

Application Notes
Formulations available with and without UDG
Probe-based RT-qPCR
Powers the LyoPrime Luna RT-qPCR Product (L4001)

Contact the OEM & Customized Solutions Team to learn more.