Q5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases Feedback

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"I have started using Q5 for single cell PCR and it is working brilliantly. I get very bright bands and am able to derive sequences from nearly all the positive wells."

    King’s College London

"My Q5 sample arrived just as I was struggling with what I had anticipated would be a routine Phusion reaction. After a couple of failures with Phusion, I tried the Q5 sample, head-to-head, under a few different reaction conditions. All of my Q5 reactions worked beautifully, while all of the Phusion reactions failed. After that observation, I repeated a recent successful Phusion reaction with both Phusion and Q5 to compare the products in circumstances under which Phusion worked very well. In that set of tests, all reactions were successful, but the crude gels showed more product in each Q5 reaction and clearer, cleaner bands. Since Q5 is priced competitively compared to Phusion, we have started replacing Phusion with Q5 in our standard reactions. So far, we have not seen any reactions work with Phusion and not with Q5. We hope this will continue to be the case! I have started recommending Q5 to other scientists who are faced with tricky PCR reactions. Two months ago, I would've recommended Phusion, but now it's Q5."

    Lab Manager
    Colorado State University

"Q5 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase from NEB is a superb product. I am currently using this to amplify some of my DNA inserts and have repeatedly come up with very positive results better than what I got using another brand not in any way associated with NEB. Am I surprised by the result I am getting from Q5? Absolutely not! Any bioscience kit with NEB on it must be good."

    University of North Texas

"Q5® works great. It was able to amplify a very difficult product, one I honestly didn't think would work. I am extremely happy with the Q5 enzyme."

    Research Asst.
    Vanderbilt University

"We switched from KOD to phusion polymerase which at the time seemed the best. But now, the new Q5 polymerase is among the best available in the market, even better than phusion. Highly recommended to others!"

    Ph.D. Student
    University of Cambridge

"100% satisfaction: very specific and vast synthesis of the PCR product on BAC-clone template."

    Research Associate
    Fordham University

"Not only did I observe great amplification of my product but there were no contaminating bands and the desired amplicon was as tight as any I have ever seen."

    Research Assistant
    Colorado State University

"We work on an organism with a high GC content and the gene I was amplifying is 70% GC. The 1.9kb band was gorgeous and I got nothing from Phusion. I love it. It will be our new lab polymerase."

    Washington University School of Medicine

"Q5 DNA Polymerase gave me wonderful results on the first shot."

    Research technologist
    University of Nebraska Medical Center

"The Q5 works great, way better than the Pfu Turbo I was using. I have already ordered Q5 polymerase for my experiments."


"I have a 75% GC rich region that I need to amplify and tried all possible polymerases one can think of. Nothing worked. With Q5 I was so happily surprised when I looked at the gel and saw single bands of the right size!"