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Faustovirus Capping Enzyme (FCE)

FCE gives improved mRNA capping efficiency, even on difficult substrates. It is a single-subunit enzyme that combines the three activities necessary to produce the Cap-O structure – triphosphate, guanylyltransferase, and (guanine-N7)-methyltransferase.

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Q5® Blood Direct 2X Master Mix

The newest addition to our Q5 portfolio is a master mix that includes Q5 Hot Start High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase and dNTPs in an optimized buffer that delivers increased resistance to inhibitors in blood. Amplify a wide variety of targets directly from dried blood spots or up to 30% whole human blood, skipping DNA purification.

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Induro™ Reverse Transcriptase

The latest reverse transcriptase (RT) offering, Induro Reverse Transcriptase, is a group II intron-encoded RT that exhibits higher thermostability, faster processivity, and better tolerance of reaction contaminants. This makes it capable of long cDNA synthesis (>14 kb) and better full-length RNA coverage, leading to more accurate transcriptome analysis.

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Feature Article
Feature Article

NEB scientists have developed sequencing technologies to analyze genome-wide methylation, transcriptional start sites, full-length transcriptomes, chromatin accessibility, and much more.

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NEB scientists have shown that RNase I has Ca2+-dependent double-stranded-RNase activity, and DNA:RNA hybridase activity.

Luna and Monkeypox
App Note

Read about how NEB scientists established a sensitive, multiplex RT-PCR assay for synthetic monkeypox viral DNA using Luna qPCR reagents.

New Publication

Read about the development of a colorimetric RT-LAMP assay for the detection of Eastern Equine Encephalitis in mosquitoes – the result of a collaboration between Tilde Carlow’s Lab at NEB and Tom Unnash’s Lab at the University of South Florida.

Web Tool

The latest version of NEBcutter V3.0 is available. Find restriction enzyme sites within a DNA sequence, visualize a virtual digest on a gel, or determine if DNA methylation will impact your restriction digest.

Expressions Euro Spring 2023
New Publication

In our latest issue of NEB Expressions, read about how researchers at NEB are working to improve our understanding of the genome, epigenome and transcriptome and much more!

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