Substrate specificity of NudC - a NUDIX enzyme with NAD-decapping activity

Since the discovery of NAD, NADH and Coenzyme A caps in bacterial RNA in 2009(1), NAD-/NADH-capped RNA has been reported in bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells and plants. Although the biological role of NAD-/NADH-caps is still unclear, it has been shown that NAD+ or NADH can be used as an initiating nucleotide by bacterial RNA polymerases, eukaryotic RNA Polymerase II and mitochondrial RNA polymerase (2-3). Metabolite-capped RNA is rare and appears to respond to environmental stress (3,4). Several enrichment methods are available to help identify and study NAD-capped RNA (5-7).
NudC is a NUDIX enzyme that decaps NAD-/NADH-capped RNA (8). As an extension of our research on the enzyme, NudC has been released as an NEB product for NAD-capped RNA research. We are interested in extending our research on enzymes that can decap metabolite caps such as FAD, Coenzyme A, UDP-Glc and UDP-GlcNA and help advance metabolite-capped RNA research.


Substrate specificity of NudC, a NUDIX enzyme with NAD-decapping activity.


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