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DNA Molecular Weight Markers

New England Biolabs sells a wide range of double-stranded DNA molecular weight markers for electrophoresis. We offer conventional DNA markers as well as a wide range of DNA ladders, ranging from 10 bp up to 48.5 kb. We also offer markers suitable for use in Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) extending up to > 1000 kb. DNA ladders from NEB are available in a variety of formats, including different ready-to-load formats as well as standard formats without pre-mixed loading dye. All standard ladders are provided with a vial of purple loading dye for added convenience. With our popular Quick-Load Purple DNA Ladders, take advantage of crisp bands and improved visibility, as there's no UV shadow.

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RNA Markers and Ladders

Our RNA ladders and markers have a size range of up to 9,000 bases. These include the Low Range ssRNA Ladder (NEB #N0364), ssRNA Ladder (NEB #N0362), dsRNA Ladder (NEB #N0363), and microRNA Marker (NEB #N2102).


Protein Standards

New England Biolabs offers a selection of highly pure protein standards. Sizes range from 10 to 250 kDa which is ideal for accurate molecular weight determination for a wide range of expressed proteins. We offer a blue prestained protein standard, as well as a colored prestained protein standard with multi-colored bands for easy identification. Standards are provided pre-mixed with loading buffer and reducing agent.

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Comparison of NEB to Other Commercially Available DNA Ladders
Comparison of the NEB 1kb (left) and 100bp (right) DNA Ladders to other commercially available DNA Ladders. Note: The 500 bp DNA Ladder from Roche is used in the 1 kb DNA Ladder comparison.
DNA Markers & Ladders
DNA Markers & Ladders Selection Chart
NEB offers a variety of DNA ladders with sizes ranging from 25 bp to 40 kb for use in agarose gel electrophoresis. NEB also offers double-stranded DNA molecular weight markers for conventional with sizes ranging from 10 bp to 23,000 base pairs for use in agarose gel electrophoresis.
Protein Markers & Ladders
protein ladders
RNA Markers & Ladders
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