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    DNA/RNA Molecular Weight Markers

    New England Biolabs sells a wide range of double-stranded DNA molecular weight markers for conventional electrophoresis. Conventional electrophoresis markers include: HindIII (NEB #N3012) and BstEII (NEB #N3014) digests of Lambda DNA, BstNI (NEB #N3031) and MspI (NEB #N3032) digests of pBR322 DNA, and a HaeIII (NEB #N3026) digest of φX174 DNA. These markers have a size range of approximately 10 base pairs to 23,000 base pairs. Our Lambda DNA–Mono Cut Mix (NEB #N3019) is designed to be used as an RFLP marker on Southern blots because it provides an uncomplicated gel pattern. 

    We also supply a series of DNA ladders ranging from 25 bp to 40 kb. Our 100 bp DNA Ladder, 1 kb DNA Ladder and 2-Log DNA Ladder are also available in three formats: Conventional (NEB #N3231, NEB #N3232, NEB #N3200), Quick-Load® (NEB #N0467, NEB #N0468, NEB #N0469) with tracking dye and TriDye™ (NEB #N3271, NEB #N3272, NEB #N3270) containing three dyes to track gel migration. NEB's DNA ladders feature exceptional quality and value. They include only DNA fragments that are part of the ladder with no “extra” backbone DNA—you pay for the ladder and nothing else. With our new Quick-Load Purple DNA Ladders (NEB #N0550, NEB #N0551), you'll appreciate the crisp bands and improved visibility, since there's no UV shadow.

    RNA Markers and Ladders

    Our RNA ladders and markers have a size range of up to 9,000 bases. These include the Low Range ssRNA Ladder (NEB #N0364), ssRNA Ladder (NEB #N0362), dsRNA Ladder (NEB #N0363), siRNA Marker (NEB #N2101) and microRNA Marker (NEB #N2102). 

    Protein Markers and Ladders 

    NEB offers a selection of highly pure protein markers and ladders, with a size range of 2.3 to 250 kDa, available in unstained, prestained or ColorPlus (prestained containing two colored bands for easy identification) formats.

    TriDye™ is a trademark of New England Biolabs.
    Quick-Load® is a registered trademark of New England Biolabs.

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    Markers & Ladders includes these subcategories:

    DNA Markers & Ladders Information
    Protein Markers & Ladders Information
    RNA Markers & Ladders Information


    Advantages of NEB DNA Ladders

    Choose DNA Ladders from NEB for Quality, consistency and value
    • Stable at room temperature
    • Sharp uniform bands 
    • Easy-to-identify reference bands 
    • Can be used for sample quantitation 
    • No extra backbone DNA present 
    • Quick-Load® ladders contain bromophenol blue for tracking 
    • TriDye™ ladders contain three dyes to monitor migration

    Advantages of NEB Protein Markers & Ladders

    • Suitable for analysis of a wide range of expressed proteins 
    • Uniform band intensities and convenient band spacing
    • Easy-to-identify reference bands

    DNA Markers & Ladders

    RNA Markers & Ladders

    RNA Markers Gray Thumb

    Protein Markers & Ladders

    Comparison of NEB to Other Commercially Available DNA Ladders

    Comparison of the NEB 1kb (left) and 100bp (right) DNA Ladders to other commercially available DNA Ladders. Note: The 500 bp DNA Ladder from Roche is used in the 1 kb DNA Ladder comparison.

    DNA Markers & Ladders Selection Chart

    NEB offers a variety of DNA ladders with sizes ranging from 25 bp to 40 kb for use in agarose gel electrophoresis. NEB also offers double-stranded DNA molecular weight markers for conventional with sizes ranging from 10 bp to 23,000 base pairs for use in agarose gel electrophoresis.