NEBnow® Freezer Programs

Your research doesn’t have to be put on hold waiting for that critical reagent to be delivered. With NEBnow, you can enjoy convenient and affordable access to NEB’s high quality reagents, any time of the day.


What NEBnow can do for you


Reagents available when you need them

As a researcher, a stockroom manager or a lab operations manager, NEBnow provides convenient onsite access to the reagents critical to your research program’s discoveries. With customized inventory always within reach, save time and resources by streamlining the procurement process. NEBnow automates inventory management and ordering and reduces the number of shipments, purchase orders and invoices.

Promote environmental stewardship

Minimize your environmental footprint with fewer deliveries and less packaging waste. All shipments are consolidated and delivered in a NEB ClimaCell® Cooler – a 100% recyclable solution for cold chain shipping.



What to expect with NEBnow


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NEB currently offers two freezer options, the NEBnow Automated Freezer and the NEBnow Standard Freezer.

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NEBnow Automated Freezer Program

This solution is recommended for stockrooms, core facilities, large labs or research groups.

  • Choose from a 5–14 cu ft. -20°C freezer, with optional room temperature cabinet
  • Complete digital experience for users
  • Products stocked on consignment, with optional non-stock ordering
  • Secure lock-controlled access with reagent availability 24/7
  • Automated inventory management and invoicing


NEBnow Standard Freezer Program

This solution is recommended for stockrooms or core facilities who prefer to manage their own inventories.

  • Choose from a selection of freezer units (5–20 cu ft.)
  • Free shipping with consolidated shipments
  • Greater efficiency with inventory analysis report

The NEBnow freezer program is an amazing addition; having 24/7 access to the NGS reagents has been extremely helpful. NEB allows you to customize the freezer to hold the items you use most, saving us valuable time by cutting out the ordering process!

Assistant Director, Genomic Sequencing and Analysis Facility, University of Texas, Austin

The NEBnow freezer program has been a much needed and valuable addition to our campus. It has allowed us to provide that extra level of service and product availability that our researchers require to continue to stay ahead in the research community. NEB’s freezer program support team has provided us with the same high level of customer service and attention to detail that NEB is known for.

Stockroom/Core Manager, University of California, San Diego

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