NEBnow® Helping Program Managers with Inventory

Managing a stockroom or core facility is a lot of work. NEBnow makes it easier by automating inventory management and logistics, all while providing outstanding service.


As a freezer program manager, NEB knows that your time is valuable. Tracking, ordering, monitoring and restocking all need to be as efficient as possible.

NEB placed its first freezer program in 1991 with two goals in mind: Ensure our products were “always within reach” Reduce the impact that packaging has on the environment by consolidating shipments to a single freezer location.  While our original goals are the same, NEB is focused on solutions that enable faster scientific discoveries, improve critical steps of inventory management, and respond to our customer business needs.

NEBnow freezer programs offer a solution for your on-site stocking needs, enabling greater efficiency and cost effectiveness. Here’s how an NEBnow freezer could change the way you view your management workflow, for the better.

1. Simplify your supply chain with consolidated order, shipments and invoices.

2. Eliminate restocking orders with our automated units, as the inventory management & ordering systems are seamlessly integrated.

3. Restocking shipments are consolidated, so you’ll be helping the environment by keeping packaging waste and fuel consumption down.

4. Because shipments are consolidated, NEB will waive all freight charges.

If you’re interested in learning more about bringing an NEBnow freezer program to your institution, visit and click on freezer programs in the toolbar.

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