now available for your restriction enzyme work


Thank you for agreeing to participate in the soft launch for our new (and confidential) program – myNEB. myNEB is an Alexa cloud-based voice service meant to help researchers and technicians with basic NEB reagent-based calculations and information while engaged with lab work. myNEB is still in beta testing, but we are ready to gather feedback from you.

Questions? Please contact [email protected].

Instructions for Set-Up:

To set up your device to access myNEB, follow these instructions:

  1. Set-up your Echo Dot (follow directions that accompany the device)

  2. You will receive an email directly from Amazon (Subject: "You're invited to beta test a new Alexa skill") confirming that you have been enrolled to access the program.

  3. Please activate the myNEB skill by following directions in the email.

    • You will be prompted to allow myNEB to access the mobile number associated with your Alexa account. myNEB uses your mobile number to send a text notification when a timer expires.

  4. You are ready to start using myNEB!

Instructions for using myNEB on Alexa:

  • Launch the myNEB program by saying “Alexa, open my N-E-B”

  • Once you open myNEB, you can ask it a question immediately (without saying “Alexa”) as long as the blue light is on. For Echo or Echo Dot: when the light begins to flash, you will need to prompt any question with “Alexa”. For Echo Show: if the blue light disappears but the myNEB screen and logo is still displayed, you will also need to prompt any question with “Alexa”.

  • myNEB will stay on for approximately 4 minutes; after that time, myNEB will be deactivated and you must open the skill again before continuing. (This is a privacy feature enacted by Amazon to let the user control when Alexa can “listen”. The system will stop listening after the inactive period and won’t listen again until the prompt is spoken.) To limit unintended inactive periods, try to merge steps into one prompt: for example, “Alexa, ask myNEB for the recommended buffer for AgeI."

  • If you need to return to the previous command, say “go back”.

Tasks you can use on myNEB:

  • Identify a cut site (for example, "What is the cut site of BamHI?")

  • Identify a heat inactivation temperature ("What is the heat inactivation temperature for <enzyme>?")

  • Identify incubation temperature ("What is the incubation temperature for <enzyme>?")

  • Identify recommended single digestion buffer ("What is the recommended buffer for <enzyme>?")

  • Identify recommended double digestion buffer (“What is the recommended buffer for AgeI and EcoRI?”)

  • Determine whether an enzyme is Time-Saver qualified ("Is <enzyme> Time-Saver qualified?")

  • Determine whether an enzyme requires SAM (“Does <enzyme> require SAM?”)

  • Ask for enzyme concentration (“What is the concentration of <enzyme>?”)

  • Assess methylation sensitivity ("What is the methylation sensitivity of <enzyme>?")

  • Identify the NEB catalog number ("What is the catalog number for <enzyme>?")

  • Retrieve protocol for performing a single digest

  • Retrieve protocol for performing a double digest

  • "Tell me about <enzyme>" – hear a summary about the enzyme including any special things to watch out for (e.g. requires multi-sites for efficient cleavage, requires supplement, etc)

  • Timer "Set a timer"

    • If you did not enable the mobile number permission when setting up myNEB through the Alexa app, you will be prompted to do so. myNEB will send a notification to your mobile phone when the timer expires.

    • NOTE – you do not need to share your mobile number to use the timer feature on your voice activated device; providing your phone number allows the timer to go to your phone.

  • · The following NEBiocalculator™ tools are available to test. Use the following example phrases to start making a calculation/conversion: 

    • Ligation Calculator
      • “Make a ligation calculation"

    • Dilutions, Molarity
      • “I need to calculate a dilution" 

    • dsDNA Mass to Moles and reverse
      • “I need to make a dsDNA Mass to Moles conversion” 
      • “I need to make a dsDNA Moles to Mass conversion"

    • ssDNA Mass to Moles and reverse
      • “Make a ssDNA Moles to Mass to Moles calculation”
      • "Make a ssDNA Mass to Moles calculation"

    • dsDNA Mass to Moles ends
      • “I need to make a dsDNA Mass to Moles of Ends conversion” 

    • ssRNA Mass to Moles and reverse
      • “Help me with a ssRNA Mass to Moles calculation”
      • “Help me with a ssRNA Mass to Moles calculation”

    • After starting a calculation you will be prompted for necessary information needed to make the calculation (ie. DNA Length, DNA Mass, etc). When prompted you can answer by responding with:
      • a number (ex. 40)
      • a decimal number (ex. 4.5)
      • a number/decimal number and a unit (40 base pairs)
      • Note: If you do not provide a unit in your response; the unit that is stated by myNEB when prompting for the value is assumed

Are you from the UK, Canada, India or Australia?

  • If you are from any of the above countries and have an accent, Amazon is able to set that country to work best with myNEB. (To change the language support for myNeb, users will need to change the language setting under Device Settings for the device. This is done through the Alexa app from the Devices tab on the main menu.)

  • It is important to note that you can only indicate one country per device (This is something to keep in mind if you are sharing with someone else in the lab who doesn’t have the same accent. In this case, we suggest not changing the country setting.).


Share Your Feedback

After you have completed your testing, please share your feedback in our brief survey. Included in the survey is a link to upload your own detailed result test document.

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