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NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly enables virtually error-free joining of DNA fragments, even those with 5´- and 3´-end mismatches. This flexible mix enables simple and fast seamless cloning utilizing a proprietary high-fidelity polymerase. Find out why NEBuilder HiFi is the next generation of DNA assembly and cloning.

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Enjoy simple and fast seamless cloning in as little as 15 minutes

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NEBuilder Assembly Tool can be used to design primers for your NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly or Gibson Assembly® reactions.

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Bridging dsDNA with a ssDNA oligo and NEBuilder HiFi to create an sgRNA-Cas9 Expression Vector

NEB has developed a protocol for construction of an sgRNA or sgRNA library into a Cas9/sgRNA expression vector using single-stranded DNA oligonucleotides, a restriction enzyme digested vector and the NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly Master Mix.

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Improved methods for site-directed mutagenesis using NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly Master Mix

Here we describe the use of the NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly Master Mix to generate multiple site-directed mutagenesis at the same time.

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NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly mix is available alone or bundled with competent cells.  Please inquire for large volume purchases.

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