What Types of Questions Can I Ask NEB® Tech Support?

The questions posed to NEB tech support run the gamut from basic procedural and historical questions to complex issues about cutting-edge applications. Our scientists are ready and willing to help!


Ana Egana, PhD:
The types of questions that New England BioLabs technical support receives are very varied.

Jeremy Foster, PhD:
That's one of the interesting things about technical support. You have absolutely no idea of what's coming in. It could be anything from a student who's actually just really wanting you to dictate and answer to their homework assignment...

Ana Egana, PhD:
All the way to very sophisticated customers that have been using our products for many, many decades and that are in the process of developing a cutting edge application, and they need to know if our product can be pushed in a certain way. They'll approach us and ask us whether they think that their approach is valid, and whether we can provide them with additional information on the capabilities of the products.

Jeremy Foster, PhD:
In recent years we've made a great effort to try to increase our technical content on the website and customers now are much more aware of that resource. And so we tend to probably see now more specific detailed questions about individual products.

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