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We are involved in experiments and research which we believe is important, significant and exciting, ones which we are prepared and willing to share with other people, and happy to do so.

We have biochemists molecular biologists, geneticists all contributing to expanding the basic knowledge.

The goal of our company has always been to provide useful tools to the scientific community.

Can't say enough about how committed everybody is at New England Biolabs to serving out customers.

It helps breed that passion, and that common sense of purpose, and that family atmosphere that New England Biolabs has been known for.

Across the board, there's a culture here that actually takes full accountability for all the products that we produce and all of the activities and service that we provide to our customers.

There is a very collaborative attitude among the scientists here.

I love to see publications come out where scientists have used our products in something that's fun, new, exciting.

If it's got NEB's name on it, it has to be excellent.

Innovation is coming from our curiosity to understand a process and solve a problem. We go toe to toe with anybody else doing science.

The focus is on science. I think that sets us apart from other companies.

We have a lake here. We have a stream. We have woods. I wanted to protect the environment around here as much as we could.

We have an incredible environment around us. Coming to work every day is a real pleasure.

It's really just a great place to be.

I think people are just in awe sometimes of that it's actually here.

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