New England Biolabs: Our Sense of Social Responsibility

New England Biolabs employees share a sense of social responsibility to increase diversity and inclusion within the sciences through representation, opportunities and funding. 


Lana Saleh:
Social responsibility to me means, "How do we give back? How do we lift others that really need to be lifted?" This comes organically here at NEB. When we come together, people from so many backgrounds, there's going to be a lot of innovation, a lot of efficiency, a lot of different ways of thinking about the same problem.

Katie Bilotti:
There has been a lot of grassroots involvement from NEB employees working to increase diversity and inclusion in the sciences. We're set up here to allow people the flexibility to pursue their passions, enabling other people's work and working together so that we can achieve bigger things.

Lana Saleh:
We have scientists who volunteer for career days, kids and teachers come and learn. We also offer grants for educational projects. We serve as mentors. We also have internship programs.
Seeing how others helped me be here, I was always thinking about how to do the same for others, and I came here and I found I'm not the only one. It gave me a sense of belonging because I didn't really have to advocate. It was just there and it meant a lot to me.
All of these are just factors for people feeling comfortable, being happy, and you feel it. You feel it as you walk around.

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