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Many promoter systems have been developed where target gene transcription relies on the endogenous E. coli RNA polymerase. For example, IPTG-inducible promoters include the wt-lac promoter and the tac and trc promoters are lac derivatives with greater induction potential. The phage T5 promoter is also recognized by E. coli RNA polymerase: vectors employing the T5-lacO promoter include a lac operator site for expression control by the lac repressor. T5-lacO vectors typically do not encode the lacI repressor gene and therefore the expression host must supply the lac repressor. NEB Express Iq was designed specifically for IPTG-inducible vector systems where the lacI gene is not encoded by the vector.

The NEB Express strain is a multiple purpose expression strain capable of robust expression from lac, tac, trc, arabinose-inducible and rhamnose-inducible promoters. Importantly, NEB Express is recommended as the host for any pMAL vector designed for MBP-fusion protein expression

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