Find a Golden Butterfly, Unlock a World of Prizes!

In celebration of our Golden Anniversary, we're thrilled to introduce the Golden Butterfly Promotion. This is your chance to be part of a unique and exciting adventure! We have hidden 1,000 golden butterflies and are waiting for you to find them!

How It Works:

Beginning mid-April, find a golden butterfly on our website, on product samples, or at tradeshows and events.

Spot a Golden Butterfly? Click the butterfly or scan the QR Code to be eligible for a 50th anniversary prize pack, which will include a selection of the following custom items: NEB butterfly pin, butterfly magnet, butterfly socks and/or a 50th anniversary travel mug. By filling out the form, you will also be entered into our grand prize drawing*.

Grand Prize Drawing Includes:

NEB Building
Grand Prize: Win an exclusive trip to NEB, immersing yourself in the heart of scientific innovation. 
butterfly art
Art Enthusiasts' Delight: Own a piece of elegance with Michael Updike's exquisite slate artwork. 
NEB Lego lab
For the Toy Aficionado: Get creative with our lab-based brick building sets – perfect for the young at heart. 
WWF Polar Bear
Wildlife Supporters: Embrace a cuddly stuffed polar bear, and we will support the WWF®
Lab Supply Bucket
Lab Essentials: Upgrade your lab with our custom lab gear which includes lab coats, coolers for product transport, and
microfuge racks.
Charitable donation heart
Charity Option: Choose a donation to the charity of your choice as an alternative prize if you cannot accept gifts.


Final prizes may vary slightly.



This is more than a promotion – it's a token of our gratitude for your trust and partnership over the last 50 years. Every Golden Butterfly you find brings a chance to win something special, just like the work you do every day.

Let the search begin!


Butterflies on NEB printed materials will look like this:

Golden Butterfly for Print

Butterflies on will look like this:

website Golden Butterfly

*Terms and conditions.


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