OEM & Customized Solutions Case Study: Supply Chain Optimization

Learn how NEB can streamline your supply chain through our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program.


Deana Martin: Today we're speaking with Denisa Gilaj who is a member of our Customized Solutions team here at NEB. Hi Denisa.

Denisa Gilaj: Hi Deana.

Deana Martin: Thanks for joining me.

Denisa Gilaj: Thanks for having me.

Deana Martin: Could you start off by telling us a little bit about your job role within the Customized Solutions group?

Denisa Gilaj: Sure. So I oversee our operations team and I have a team of account specialists, a packaging team, and a quality documentation specialist. And together we oversee all of our order fulfillment activities for bulk, custom and OEM products.

Deana Martin: So when a customer is thinking about choosing a customized solutions provider, what factors should they be considering?

Denisa Gilaj: Well, as their business grows and matures, customers are often looking for ways to streamline their supply chain by minimizing turnaround times, reducing their carrying inventory and taking into consideration expiration dates for their life science reagents. We work closely with our customers to anticipate these needs and to help them out.

Deana Martin: So can you tell me about Vendor Managed Inventory?

Denisa Gilaj: Sure. Vendor Managed Inventory or VMI is a program we support at NEB where we work closely with our customers to ensure visibility into their forecasting and demand changes while we maintain inventory of the products they need here at NEB.

Deana Martin: Okay. And what does that involve in terms of resources on the NEB side?

Denisa Gilaj: So within our Customized Solutions department, we have dedicated account specialists and production planners that will work closely with our customers, maintain frequent communication so that we can stay ahead of their needs and make sure that we have our products in stock and ready for shipment as needed.

Deana Martin: So what benefits does a VMI program offer?

Denisa Gilaj: NEB is committed to maintaining inventory for our customers, whether it's a work in progress or at the finish good level. With close collaboration between our production planners and the procurement team at our customer site, we can ensure that we don't run into any out-of-stock situations that may negatively impact our customers. This will also help if we maintain inventory at NEB, it will help enhance cashflow for our customers as they reduce their own carrying costs. And we also closely consider expiration dating for these life science reagents.

Deana Martin: So if I were an existing customer and I wanted to inquire about the Vendor Managed Inventory program, what should I do?

Denisa Gilaj: You're welcome to visit our Customized Solutions page on neb.com for more information, or you can reach out to custom@neb.com.

Deana Martin: Great. Thank you so much.

Denisa Gilaj: Thank you Deana.

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