OEM & Customized Solutions Case Study: Product Design & Packaging

Learn how NEB helped a growing life science company with product formats and sourcing, ultimately decreasing workflow time and cost.


Deana Martin: Today, we're speaking with John Pezza, who is a member of our Customized Solutions Team here at NEB.

Deana Martin: Hey John.

John Pezza: How are you doing Deana?

Deana Martin: Thanks for joining me.

John Pezza: You're welcome.

Deana Martin: Could you tell us a little bit about your job role within the Customized Solutions Team?

John Pezza: Sure. I'm a project manager in the Customized Solutions Group. Our group's job is to be the liaison between the customer and the internal team here, to define and deliver a custom product.

Deana Martin: So what options are available to customers in terms of product design and packaging?

John Pezza: Sure. We offer user-defined concentrations, formulations, vialing options, custom labeling, if a customer wants their specific information on a label. And even package into 96 well plates.

Deana Martin: Can you share an example of how you were able to help one of your customers with a customized product?

John Pezza: Sure. We work with a rapidly growing consumer genomics company that was looking to source as many components from one vendor as possible. We were able to work with our R and D team to make custom formulations for them based on what they're doing. We're also able to cut out several steps. This enabled them to shorten their workflow. We were also able to package in 96 well format, so that they were able to have a high-throughput automated system.

Deana Martin: That allows them to process more samples per day?

John Pezza: More samples per day, and quicker, because we were able to cut their workflow down.

Deana Martin: So ultimately saving time and money for the customer?

John Pezza: Absolutely. Exactly.

Deana Martin: Yeah.

John Pezza: But it also fit into what NEB can do reliably, and robustly.

Deana Martin: So how are we able to make this happen for the customer?

John Pezza: So in this case, we were able to bring in our R and D team to work with the customer, to formulate custom optimized formulations that worked better in their system.

Deana Martin: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John Pezza: We're also able to invest in a liquid handling system here at NEB, so that we could provide a packaged format in 96 well plates with the appropriate sealing that worked for them.

Deana Martin: So is this something we do often for customers?

John Pezza: Yes, we do quite a bit of customization; from as simple as changing a label, to brand new formulations.

Deana Martin: So if I were a customer looking for a customized product, where should I go?

John Pezza: Well, you can start from our website, finding the customized solution section of our website, or you can send an email to custom@NEB.com.

Deana Martin: That's great. Thank you, John.

John Pezza: You're welcome. Thank you, Deana.

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