Supporting Agricultural Biology

On Earth today, we are faced with the enormous endeavor of providing food security for more than 8 billion people. The need to increase food supply is challenged by a warming climate and unsustainable farming practices that affect crop growth success, erosion, and the depletion of essential soil microorganisms.

Scientists are meeting this challenge head-on by researching effective ways to manage crops for improved crop disease resistance, and to lower susceptibility to pests and poor yields. They are working to understand plant and ecosystem health, sustainable ways to protect the soil for continued farming success, and in the process, learning how to conserve natural resources. All of this requires a deep understanding of plant pathology, molecular biology, and interactions between the soil microbiome and plants.

It's time to think differently

New England Biolabs® has supplied the research community with life science reagents for 50 years. We are a trusted supplier of molecular biology products and are committed to supporting scientists in their research endeavors, including those focused on agricultural biology. Our extensive portfolio of high-quality reagents can meet many of the needs of researchers in this field, whether they are studying plant genetics, crop protection, or soil microbiology. NEB scientists are working to provide plant-specific protocols and products to support researchers dedicated to the enormous endeavor of improving agricultural methods and technology in the 21st century.