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  • Cover of NEB Expressions Issue II 2023

    NEB Expressions, Issue II, 2023

    In this issue of NEB Expressions, explore DNA construction and gene synthesis withNEBridge® Golden Gate Assembly and Authenticase™ for error correction. Achieve precision in FFPE DNA library prep using NEBNext®, and discover virtually error-free fragment assemblies with NEBuilder®. Stay updated on our commitment to enhancing web tools to assist with your research, and learn about revolutionizing science through circular recycling initiatives.
  • NEB Expressions, Issue I, 2023

    In our latest issue of NEB Expressions, we describe lyophilized assays for regulated markets, our solutions for automating DNA sequencing, assembly, mutagenesis and more, and our new phi29-XT RCA kit. We share updates to our popular web tools NEBaseChanger and NEBcutter, and discover how our bioinformaticians and scientists work together on sequencing projects. You can also learn how young scientists launch their ideas into space with the Genes in Space program.
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