NEB Expressions Archive

  • NEBexpressions_Issue_I_2022

    NEB Expressions, Issue I, 2022

    In our latest issue of NEB Expressions, we describe how NEB scientists established a CLIA-certified onsite SARS-CoV-2 testing program utilizing saliva and colorimetric LAMP. We explain updates to one of our most popular web tools – NEBCutter® V3.0. You can also read about efforts being made to increase COVID-19 testing in Africa, nucleic acid amplification on the International Space Station, and the release of our first lyophilized product!
  • nebexpressions_issue_ii_2022

    NEB Expressions, Issue II 2022

    Our latest issue of NEB Expressions discusses key considerations for developing a lyophilized reagent. We introduce new products, Faustovirus Capping Enzyme and Q5® Blood Direct 2X Master Mix. There are tips for successful PCR and much more!
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