Fosmid DNA library construction

To support our screening program, a focus of our group is to maintain and expand our collection of genomic and metagenomic DNA libraries. We aim to create a diverse collection that represents a large variety of species. Our collection contains DNA libraries from the human gut microbiome, different hot springs, ocean water, compost, and soil. We seek DNA from different, rare, or unique ecosystems and typically source material from local ecosystems or through collaborative projects with academics.


Diagram of human gut microbiota and genetic analysis using fosmid vectors and E. coli.

A schematic representing the creation of a fosmid DNA library from the human gut microbiome.
Genomic DNA from fecal microbiota was isolated and large fragments (~30-40 kb) cloned into a fosmid vector backbone. Clones were inserted into E. coli and archived in 384 well plates for enzyme screening. Partially created with