Protocol for LAMP Reactions with Tte UvrD Helicase (#M1202)

Prepare 25 μL reactions as follows:

WarmStart LAMP Master Mix (E1700, 2X) 12.5 μL
LAMP Fluorescent Dye (50X) 0.5 μL
Primers (10X) 2.5 μL*
Tte UvrD Helicase 0.5 – 1 μL (10 – 20 ng)
DNA or RNA sample various
Nuclease-Free Water to 25 μL

* We recommend 1.6 μM each FIP and BIP, 0.2 μM each F3 and B3, and 0.4 μM each Loop F and Loop B primers. See the manual for the WarmStart LAMP Kit (DNA & RNA), NEB #E1700, for more details.